Winning is a state of mind!

Winning is a state of mind that we can all achieve! I know there will be many arguments that might prove this wrong but hear me out first.

I think that we can all win, and it’s all in the semantics. Winning is possible for everyone that tries to win. What for some might be a tiny thing might be a huge win for someone else that’s why I think everyone wins in some way. It’s all a matter of how we define winning. Let’s take for example people that have weight problems. For them, a 2-mile run might be the biggest achievement they ever had but for others might be the morning routine. For a millionaire winning a few hundred thousand pounds might even be a loss. But for the everyday person, there might be decades worth of wages before they have that.

It’s all a mind game!!!

We all know that it is very important to set yourself big goals, but how good is it truly? Being able to have small wins to keep us positive on our way to the big win is equally as important. In the mind game like any other game, it is important to also win. Let’s think about when you play a game and lose over and over again do you keep playing it? If you’re like me, you probably stop because it becomes annoying and you just say “well I liked this game but it’s too hard and not fun anymore”. It all applies to your goals as well. If your goals are big and you keep chopping at it but nothing happens you stay focused but after a while, you give up. It’s not fun anymore to lose over and over again.

Chop the big dreams/goals into small achievable ones!

What I said above doesn’t mean don’t have big dreams/goals. It just means that we need to divide the big ones into small achievable wins. We need to set ourselves up for more wins along the way to be able to stay happy and positive. It’s very important to build momentum towards achieving bigger things! And we can only do that by winning on the smaller scale.  So if you ever are struggling with a big thing in your life, take the time to chop it down into small achievable targets. You will notice that every small win will build more confidence towards the big end line.

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