Video as well

If you have been with us for a while or this is the first time you are on our blog you have to know that we are now on video as well. In an ever changing world we had to do a change as well. So we decided to come in video format as well. We will try and and have a duo of video and written content in our continuous race to bring you guys more value.

Already put up two videos

The videos will mostly be about motivational subjects like the two videos I have linked underneath. In addition to this videos we will soon have a series of vloggs on the days preceding a fight, a fighting camp insights. The videos will all be shot in a first person, by me Alexandru Curcudel. I am trying to set people in motion if they are not doing much and also I aim to help people gain more momentum in their life.

How to find passion

And “Present is the only real time”

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