Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich has been written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 after extensive work and research totaling twenty-five years. An amazing book that teaches one how to be money aware and ask specific questions about themselves on what is going on in one’s life. With this question and quite a few actionable steps, Napoleon was trying to make people money aware and not only that.

“Think and Grow Rich”  predicts the future.

This book is an amazingly contemporary book even tough written so many years ago. Accurately predicting what we now take as norm in business and not only that. Handling every aspect of life from how to save up to personal relationships and many more other aspects of life. This book is almost like a handbook, a guide, on how to bring wealth in your life. And wealth doesn’t only refer to money but spiritual wealth as well.

The book predicted, almost eighty years ago, how businesses will be more of an association between the owner the employees and the customer. While everyone has their shared contribution towards the end product or service. Predicting that the successful businesses will be the ones that will ditch the idea that the employee has to take the owners word as law. Thus saying how the modern employees will exercise their own opinion in the creation of the end product.


In conclusion, this is a very nice book to have read and also a very interesting read. So if you are trying to make yourself more aware of certain things like money and spiritual wealth this is a go to.

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