Sometimes maybe take a break

In life sometimes you should take breaks and yes that’s why did I went trough a period of struggling with stuff in personal life and me just haven’t had the motivation or inspiration to write or do much for that matter. I was injured and been and the sidelines not being able to train, had to drop out of my fight and many other things that simply put took the creative energy out of me. But in my mind I never gave up I only took a break. After writing for a while now I feel it became part of me and I cant stop now.
In my training I sometimes do that, I sometimes reach a point in life when I train a lot and fight a lot and after a while, I just feel tired mentally and physically and I take a break. Its never more than 4-5 weeks, though. This breaks always help me come back with a different energy and trainer harder and smarter and I usually avoid the mistakes I have done before getting to that “breaking” point in the first place. I think that this a way to learn. Do something and if you’re wrong,  stop, asses and carry on but with the experience of what went wrong the first time.

So after taking a break from writing I am ready to asses and carry on and hopefully be even better this time.

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