Perspective is key

The “take off” perspective

Every time I take a flight back home I always get to have a look at my life in perspective, I have another angle on what is happening in my life.
It might be because of all the different types of people you normally see in an airport or it might be the moment I take off and see everything in what seems to be toy size.  It seems like I am leaving “the toys” I own here to go to another country to play with other “toys”.
But believe me it’s very helpful and eye opening to have this different angles on life from time to time.

All the different people and perspectives

The sheer volume and differences in between all the people you see in an airport make you realize. Actually, we are all the same down to the core but so different in the same time and if you actually look it is so easy to spot from where people are. And I am not being racist when I say that but there are the certain thing we do and wear and certain behaviors that we have that give away where about we come from sometimes. Not always but most of the times it is very easy to spot and tell who’s where from.

The eye-opening perspective

But the most eye-opening thing is the moment of taking off when everything looks like toys. At that moment it hits you, they are toys!!!! all the cars and houses and all things are grown up toys. If you think about it, they count exactly as much as a toy counts.
All toys that get broken can be replaced, there is always better toys and rich kids always have more toys.

The only difference is that when we are young we usually are fine with the toys we have. We learn to have fun with what we have even though we always scream and cry for more. We always had the best time with whatever toys we had. We’re not depressed that we didn’t have the same toys as the rich kid down the road.

So I think we should get used to having fun with the”toys” we have.  I think we should just open our eyes and get a clear perspective. Usually where we are and what we are is more than enough to be happy.



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