Reinvent yourself-The new Me

I have lately embarked on a very adventurous journey, the journey of change. The journey of reinventing myself. A very treacherous road towards a very big fortune, an influential me, a journey towards being the helping hand that others need. My new mission is helping one million people become a better version of themselves. One sure way to reach a higher level, to do steps towards where you want to be is to reinvent yourself.

Reinventing myself-Why?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. The old me was not able to do it. Why? He had less and less courage, less and less gut to do the stuff he had to do.  The old me was comfortable where he was, he wanted to be better but without putting the work. Old me was a lazy comfortable judging slow not listening idiot.  That had to change.

Usually, if you are not where you want to be that should be a big enough reason to start changing, if that is not enough just around at the relationships and things in your life. Are you satisfied with them? Are you satisfied what others think of you?

Commence “The New Me” program- how to reinvent yourself

So I started “The new Me” program with one search on google. I was at a very low point in my life, very bad with my finances (Don’t worry still not a millionaire) very bad with my relationships overall just depressed. The google search was on how to do money from home on the side. Stumbled upon the term of side hustle. From there everything started. Listened to a podcast, then read a book, started a blog, then read more than listened to more podcasts. I now wrote a book, read a book a week, write a blog post every 4-5 days, am growing an Instagram following and a mailing list and moved in with my girlfriend. That’s a lot from one google search, isn’t it?

Application: Do one thing towards change and you will be amazed where life leads you. Act and keep on acting and have patience. Good things take time. But be aware that you have to make changes.

Ways to reinvent yourself

Stop caring- Best thing I learned lately

I used to be so stuck on what other would think about me, how I look what I drive what I do and so many other things. I  used to so self-conscious about what others think that sometimes I would spend hours trying to fix my hair, and make sure what I wear looks good. The other thing was that I used to care so much about what other think about me, and would try and symbolize most of the time something I am not.Peacocking like a fool, I would spend money on expensive stuff just cause I cared what others think. I have listened to a few podcasts on self-help and read a few books and realized I am well stuck in others opinion. Since I stopped caring I feel so much happier.

Application: So stop caring what others think, what others want, what other do. Do what makes you happy and the ones around you happy. Live how you want to live not like others want you to live.

Pick a passion/hobby-Picked Up writing

So as I was doing the google search on how to make a side hustle (side income) I came across a very good book-“Hustle: The power to charge your life with money, meaning and momentum”. In this book, there is a strong suggestion on starting something and trying it out, and see if it interests and if not just try a new thing. So I did, I always thought about writing a blog. I researched a bit about a blog and realized that there are people that do millions a year out a blog. “That’s it” I said in my head, “this is my path to riches”. That’s correct I have started this blog for money, to get money out of it.  

Application: Pick up one thing and start doing it you will be amazed where you can reach with enough work and dedication.

Keep researching and readjusting

So I picked up blogging for money, it was first meant to be just a blog that documents the insides of a fighters mind. But after doing quite a lot of research into the blogging world and after blogging for a while I shifted. I started coming up with motivational content. I realized that people need more motivation in their life. That I need more motivation in my life. So I reinvented myself, I now blog to help people.

Application: The reason you start doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you keep doing it. After a while you will notice that your reasons will change, you will reinvent yourself.



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