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At the beginning of this year, I set myself a goal to read at least 20 books by the end of this year. But I found something that made reading fun and much easier and much faster. I now read a book a week and actually retain more information out every book I read.  I know I was amazed to start with as well. It seems that I will actually go way past my reading goal as in the first 3 months of this year I have blitzed by 7 books.

How did I achieve reading a book a week?

Well, the plan I use it’s pretty simple, by following this simple steps.4 steps to read a book a week


  1. First I make sure that the books I read are good quality and more than that, they interest me.  But how do you do that? You might ask, you read the sample that amazon gives you, usually that sample has what’s called “a hook” something that is so attractive that you just can’t ignore that makes you want to read that book.
  2. After you made sure that the book interests enough you go on and get the audio book. “But Alex you said you read a book a week not listen to a book a week!!!!” I know but listen out, it’s the same, think about it. When you read the book what do you actually do you read it and you just listen to the little voice in your head reading it. Listening to audio books actually, makes things easier! It replaces the little voice in your head with the voice of the person that produced the audiobook. So your eyes actually don’t get tired anymore that means you can read more in one sitting.
  3. Another important tip that I think you should take into consideration if you start listening to audio books is to get over ear headphones. Why? It isolates the outside noise and makes it much easier to pay attention to the book.
  4. Listen to the book while commuting, especially when driving, or when you’re as alone as possible. Some people disconnect quite well even when they are on the tube or bus. I find that people talking around me distract me a lot even if I don’t hear them I pay attention to mimic and gestures.

So here it is ladies and gents that’s how I achieved reading a book a week. By following this 4 simple to do steps you can do the same.

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