Positive Thinking 101-Part 2

In part 2 of Positive Thinking 101, we will talk about changing your focus what does it do to you and what techniques.

Why did I start thinking positive

Let me tell you my story a tiny bit so this will all make sense. I have succumbed to minor depressions a few times over the years believe it or not. Why? I was focusing on the wrong things, mainly the lack of financial resources. Why is it bad to always focus on financial resources? Because I was always consumed by the fact that oh I just had the money and I gave all of them out. You know pay day when in a matter of hours you give everything out.

I was getting the fact that I just gave out all my wage for bills get to my heart and make me feel deeply sad. A bad thing, why, I have noticed over the time that however much I had it seemed like is never enough. The more we have the more we spend.

I use to think, ages ago, that with no money you can’t have a social life, you can’t have anything.

Don’t get me wrong, financial resources give you a bigger freedom of choice but they can’t dictate what you are as a person. How you are as a person is dictated by your focus and mindset, solely.

That was all until I have done steps towards positive thinking, using the techniques bellow.

Positive Thinking Techniques

The Flip

Ok, now let’s get down to business and pass on to techniques of changing your focus in life and start having a more positive thinking.

One of the easiest techniques I always use is, “The flip”. What is “The Flip”? Well whenever you have something negative happening in your life, take it and flip it on its head. So then, what could you take positive out of it?Broke an arm? Work your other arm to be stronger. Don’t have much money that means you don’t have to worry about how to spend them. No, I’m joking, if you don’t have much money that should be flipped into a drive to get them. A relentless drive to get out of that situation.

Pen biting

So if you are very sad and feel hopeless a very easy way of changing your mood is to just hold a pen in your mouth, bite on it sideways. What will happen apart from looking and feeling a bit silly? your brain will release endorphins.

Endorphins are the same substances that are being released in your brain when you eat something tasty, have some chocolate, sex, etc. It is the feel good substance for short.

So when you are holding that pen in your mouth you are activating the mimic muscles on your face, the same muscles you use to smile when you like something. So your brain is being tricked into thinking that there is something in front of you that you like. This will make it release endorphins.


There you go, guys, two easy techniques to use towards positive thinking. Make sure you check part 1 of Positive thinking 101 as well by clicking this link.


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