How to keep your life exciting

Keeping your life exciting is probably one of the toughest things to achieve.

Why? simply because we have a tendency to look for comfort. And a comfortable life is very rarely exciting. Most of the times a comfortable lifestyle includes certain habits and certain habitual patterns wich we get used to and don’t give us any sort of buzz. A comfortable lifestyle doesn’t include doing any new things whatsoever but instead doing the same things over and over like taking the same route home, going to the same bar/pub/restaurant eating the same food, listening to the same music.

Do new s@@t

If ever want to bring excitement back in your life, it is pretty simple: Do new things! Stupid, dumb or dangerous just do new things and put yourself out of your comfort zone.  You will get a lovely buzz, you will come back to the same feeling that you had when you were a kid. That feeling that is making you want to know more and more.  The hunger for knowledge comes back in a split second. I am guilty of doing this a lot! This was one of the reasons I don’t write as much lately or done any video. I have started training towards a very exciting thing for me you will find out soon!

Don’t strive to be comfortable

Believe me when I say that when you get too comfortable it is not good. I truly believe that you can’t be really happy if you live in a comfortable way. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should always be on your tip toes because that gets you tired. But don’t try and be too comfortable. Do new things, get a bit of adrenaline in your body from time to time, learn new things, keep yourself busy but most importantly keep your mind busy.

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