How to be F*cking Awesome

A book that might just change your view on reading!

How to F*cking Awesome is a different kind of book is nothing that you would normally expect from a book and that what I love about it. You know the really boring writing style with words that you have to research to see what they mean, and the hero that goes from a horrible life to being an awesome millionaire.

This book is nothing like that; this is a book made in a really informal style. Bare in mind that it has a lot of swearing and it is all because the author Dan Meredith tries to convey his character and just that. Dan doesn’t try to please the writer he is just sharing his life and what he learned from it.

This book that I am recommending now is a book that is very similar to what I am about to release in February next year. If you didn’t know that I am about to release a book follow this link “From Wimp to Me.”

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