Give up ? Or Die trying?

I would say die trying, and I know it sounds very cliche and everyone knows it. But the problem is, everyone knows many things like this, and never put them in action. It is useless to know that you shouldn’t give up ad you should die trying when you already given up and not even realized. How many of us have dreams of doing big things, being big singers, big fighters big business men or women? But we all fail to “die to try.” When adversities come our way that’s it we give up.

Prove everyone wrong

When I was younger, I almost died a few times in a few years, in one of those cases I had surgery which split my belly in half (Ask me about the scar whenever you see me). I was told I wouldn’t be able to do sport for a good while as the doctor misaligned my abs.

You know what I’ve done? I waited for the minimum amount of time they told me to take off, and I was back in training. Three months after I had my belly split in half for surgery, I started doing Greco-roman wrestling, after three more I went to the national championships.

Circumstances should never make you give up.

Later on, when I started kickboxing, I started in a gym with five other guys all different sizes could barely afford to have my own gloves. I convinced my mom and dad to buy me gloves and let me register to my first amateur kickboxing championships. I told them that I would win, I was convinced myself that I would win. Came back with two medals in 2 different styles. When I got there, I saw loads of guys with fancy equipment and doing flashy kicks and punches. In the first fight, I remember one my eyes bruised up quite a lot straight away. I got back home with the medals loads of pride a limp and two black eyes. My mom wanted me to stop training straight away, getting hit like that will destroy your body she said.

But for me, it did not matter I was going to succeed or die trying.

Since then I have proceeded to have fights with broken thumbs, cuts on my face, fractures on all my little bones in my right hand, muscle cramps out of this world and many other injuries I can even remember of. I lost some of those fights and I won some other, but what matters the most is I’ve tried and I have never given up on my dream. I will be a world class fighter whatever life throws my way.

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