Failure-How to tackle it

In our life failure has become too much of a personality type. People started being regarded as failures. Labeling them for their reminder of their life because of a mere act.

Stop labeling your life with one failure

Most people take failure as a very strong tell that they will never be good in their whole life. That if they failed it means they are not talented enough, strong enough, not enough of this not enough that. Failure becomes the things that make them stop wanting to do that.

The way you see failure is everything

What do you think failure is? Let me tell you what I think about failure. I strongly believe that failure is a simple passing event in our life. It is not something that defines who we are in any way.  Failing will should not dent your confidence at all. In fact, it should help you understand that somewhere in your life you can be better. It should be a reminder that you are still learning. And you are yet to master that particular skill or subject.

In sports, failure are defining but should they be?

The field that I am in so concentrated on letting people know that if they failed they are out and done. What do I mean by that? Well in the world of professional martial arts the focus is on record. People are judged on how good they are based on their losses and wins. Without looking back at the actual fights, just on a number on a website. It is pretty bad.

I used to have this idea that, failing is a disgrace, in my mind. If I was rolling( training fight) in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and someone newer than me would submit me it would dent my confidence a lot. I use to think that if you are tapped by a lower belt it means you suck, you’re a failure. But I would still get a massive boost everytime I was submitting anyone above me. The brain works in mysterious ways believe me.

Let me get it straight

I m not saying oh you are the best even if you lose every time. But I am saying as long as you do your best that loss might be your biggest win to the date. You can learn a lot from losses. Maybe more than wins, but it also does not mean that you should not learn when you win.

Listen the Idea is Learn Learn Learn. That’s what matters, a fail or a win learn from it and stop thinking that to fail means something very important in your life. Stop letting fails get to your heart and your confidence, nobody is defined by a fail, however big that fail is. I could give you endless examples of people that have failed and are now the brightest mind or one of the wealthiest in the world.

Everything will pass, no matter how bad it is, think of today like the first day of the rest of your life. In fact, if you think about it, the past is gone and the future is yet to come so the only real thing is now, the present. Focus on how can you make yourself better now!

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