Do you actually believe in yourself? Does talent exist?

Let me explain why I ask this questions now. Last night I had a walk with some friends, and we started talking about money and wealthy and successful people.At that point, I randomly thought about what I did in my life, how I got to be here and why I got to be here.My friend and I started arguing on how do people become successful. He kept on saying that well there people that are just born with certain skills. I began explaining to him that there is no such thing as being born with a talent but actually those people chose to put more work in certain skills, developing a talent.

Talent is not born but Developed.

hard-work-beats-talent-when-talent-doesnt-work-hardNow let me explain why do I think there is no one born with “talent” but there are people that develop talent. I recently read a book called “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle wich debates this exact topic. You see Daniel Coyle traveled the world to see how does talent appear and where and why. What he found is that talent is nothing then the right brain connections, talent is actually endless hours of practice and sheer determination. Anyone can develop talent in the right conditions and with enough practice. This all happens trough a process called myelination.

Is belief in yourself important?

Let me ask this question again, Do YOU believe in YOURSELF? Why do I ask this question you might wonder, everyone believes in themselves right? But do you actually believe it or you just say it out loud when you are with friends, or somebody asks you and then doubt yourself in your mind. Is that inner voice of yours always saying positive things about you? Most people say they believe they will do this and that and this, they say it, but truly and on the inside, in their mind, they don’t. We say something out loud like “I will make 1 million by next year,” but our inner voice follows with “Not really, how will I ever do that, I barely make  two thousand  a month” you see even tough we think we believe, we don’t, not on a deep level not on the inside, not with all our energy.

What I truly believed till now

The only thing I think I truly believed up until now is that I will teach kickboxing. Eight years ago I said for the first time that I couldn’t wait to teach others, in my mind, a race has started. Many influential people in my life started asking me questions that could make me doubt myself but even tough I didn’t know how I’ll do it I just deeply believed in the fact that I will one day teach kickboxing. Now eight years later after I have gone trough different jobs like a construction worker, park cleaner, supermarket clerk, laborer and other crazy jobs I have finally started doing why I set my mind to do. I have now been a kickboxing instructor for over a year, and I love every single day of it.


I think we are all born with equal opportunities and the only difference is what we chose to truly and deeply believe in. I don’t believe there is Talent but I believe you can develop Talent with the right amount of work and determination. If you want to do something I think that it only takes you actually believing it, whatever it will be, you will find a way to get it eventually.

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