Can you live on £20 a week ?

The answer to that question is yes you can, I did that for almost a year. I won’t lie it wasn’t easy nor it was fun, but I did it and learned a few valuable lessons that I think could put everyone’s life in perspective:

Be grateful for what you have, it could be worse

When I was still in high school back home, I would always take things for granted, things like cleaning the house, washing, making food, pocket money and others.  Mom and dad would usually do all these things; I would still do them from time to time when they asked me to, but mostly by them. When I finished high school, I started being home more and I realised how long it takes for all the shopping, cleaning, cooking to be do done and I started helping out a bit more. But it wasn’t till I moved to the UK when I realised how hard it is to have university/job to go to and also do all of the above and pay for them as well. So if you are still living at home or have a spouse, you are living with, be grateful for their help and from time to time show your gratitude in a way.

If you plan it properly, anything can be done


This is what ties into the title, how I was planning every single pound I had so that it will last me a full week and sometimes maybe more. As I said in the title, I use to live with an average of £20 per week sometimes less sometimes more. But the way I was able to do this was by planning my shopping in very detailed lists and based on what would last more. Most of my shopping would happen in the Morrison’s Generic Brand part; I was always walking, and never looked past H&M, Primark and sometimes Top Man (they had big student discounts) when I was shopping for clothes. When shopping for food, I used to go for frozen food like mixed vegetables and frozen chips or frozen chicken meat. I used to know exactly how much they each cost so I could have an accurate shopping list and never be needed to drop stuff at the checkout. If you plan your resources, you can accomplish anything as long as you are smart about it and stick to the plan.

Your mindset determines your mood and quality of life

Did I mention I was training all this time? So for the first year of uni not only I was on £20 pounds a week which I was getting from working in clubs and pubs around the city center of Newcastle for two nights a week, but I was also training MMA 4 times a week. Three out four training sessions would be during the week after lectures, but the hardest one I would say was the Saturday 12 o’clock session. The Saturday 12 o’clock session was hard to get to because I was usually working till around 4 in the morning, and It was usually the busiest day. My “work” was based on how much I was running around the club asking people if they want a stupid photo keyring. I would take a photo then quickly run upstairs or behind the bar and print and cut the picture to make the keyring and the I had to find the guy/girl that bought it. Not fun at all. So imagine trying to get up after only a few hours of sleep to get to training. But I was always there, I had fights lined up, so I had to be ready, and I loved training it was my only fun time. What I am trying to say with this is that you should do what you have to do to stay afloat and find something that is fun and concentrate on getting that every time, never do too much work and forget to have some fun time.

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