From Wimp to Me

“A short book about the highs and lows of life

and  how determination and hard work pay off in the end.”-Amazon Reader



What will you get from this book 

Experiences that I have been through and what I got out of them.

An inside image of who I am and how I got to be the person I am today.

Motivational stories to help you get through tough times.

All for just £2.99


Bonus Sneak Peek

Lessons to learn

What I learned from almost dying a few times was that, as humans, we are capable of overcoming loads of adversities and disease is one that we can overcome. Whatever life throws your way, you can get over it. I know it’s really cliché and loads of books and people out there say it and teach you about it, but I deeply believe it.

 Whatever is thrown your way, keep in your mind that you will go over it, you will find a solution as long as you are willing to work for it. I have lost fights I got injured many times I’ve been hungry because I couldn’t afford food and didn’t want to ask my mom or dad for money, I have been in really deep lows, but I never gave up because, in my head, I knew I would get over it. If I was able to overcome diseases and problems that got me to edge of death I will get through anything else as well.