Admit it, you’re wrong

Ever been in a position that you are so sure about something that you basically convince yourself against all arguments that you are right? But then, later on, you find out you were terribly wrong? So did I many times.

I have one little thing that I do when I find out I was wrong and it will seem like the right thing to do but not everyone does it. I admit I was wrong I go back to whoever I did a wrong and apologize. “Easy to do” you would say, but most people are afraid of doing it, they are afraid of admitting that sometimes they are wrong. Not only they are afraid to admit that sometimes even if they get to know that they are wrong they so strongly believe in what they said or done that they just live in a lie rather than admit and change everything around.

Admit the damn thing stop carrying that weight

Listen don’t ever live in a lie, just admit you are wrong to believe me you will feel much better. For example, if I do something wrong I feel like I have something following me all the time, like a big weight on my chest all the time. When I admit I was wrong I get that weight off my chest and everything becomes easier to do without the added “weight” of the wrong I did.

To be wrong is perfectly human

It is human to be wrong and you don’t have to be afraid of doing it. You don’t have to be afraid of admitting you are. And make sure you go back and apologize to the people you upset. Don’t hold grudges and don’t let your ego be in the way. You will feel much better about yourself and you will be perceived as a better person.

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