About Me

Hi I’m Alex,


Born in 1993 in Romania, just 4 years after the great fall of socialism I was bound to be tested by life in many ways. After dodging death a good few times I am still alive and sound and ready to inspire others trough what I have done.  Find out more by getting my autobiography here 

The Big Move

I moved to the Uk in 2013 with one purpose, become a kickboxing coach. Currently, I have done that for the last 2 years and it became my career.

Why did I want to be a coach, pretty simple: I have started kickboxing when I was 15 and haven’t stopped since. I am now 24 years of age. It has shaped me and became my life. So I wanted others to discover and fall in love with the thing I love.

Mission Statement

My mission is pretty simple to inspire and motivate 1 million people to have the same sort of love and connection to at least one thing in their life. To find their purpose and pursue the achievement of it

This is me after one of my fights

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